Chicken Tractors

Building the Dream, Permaculture: Crazy or Genius?

This weekend has been beyond busy… Kem started building chicken tractors for the new additions.  The Blue Andalusian girls WP_20150402_18_31_54_Pro[1] will be in the Chicken Palace above and the meat birds will go into something like the one in the far background (I’ll get better pics later)….


Eventually we will have a Chicken Palace #1, #2 and #3: one for the Blue Andalusians, one for the Welsummers that are coming (yep, I got my way 🙂 ), one for the Americanas/Auracanas/Easter-Eggers/Olive-Eggers. 🙂   The meat birds will be divided into 4 of the low tractors as they grow.

Next is the rabbit colony…. We have 8 babies and 3 pinkies…. add that to the 6 juniors, the buck and the 4 mamas….. we are having bunny explosions… because they are doing what bunnies do…….

We finally got the weeds cut – YAY! – between the push mower and the rider we cut probably 2/2.5 acres closest to the house… so about that… it kicked our butts!  But it is a happy sore, if you know what I mean.

Garden is now ready to be planted – we finally had a break in the rain that allowed us to pull weeds and work it to the point where we can actually plant.  We covered it in black plastic to discourage growth until we can plant this weekend.


The ducks are adjusting well.  This pic is from the day they arrived.  They will be ready to go into a transition brooder next week – where they will be outside in the daytime and inside at night; then once they are feathered Kem is building them a habitat by the smaller pond.  It will border the dog area, so predators will be less of an issue.

Turkeys and Welsummers will be delivered in May, more turkeys in July and probably more meat birds in August – these birds will eventually go in tractors over the garden for the winter – tilling, weed control and fertilization in one compact package… work smarter, not harder is our motto.

So that is about it – a ton accomplished reduced to a few sentences! LOL



Cold is a relative word

Building the Dream

As I am typing this I find myself ‘waxing philosophical’. I have been complaining how ‘cold’ it has been and I remember why we 1) moved from MT so many years ago – 70 below wind chills and my 1st grader was expected to stand at a bus stop…

As we celebrate the little things!

Building the Dream

We finished (for the most part) the streetside door today! Concrete poured and roof in place is a huge project down.

The siding will be put back after the addition to the living room is complete and the new energy efficient windows are installed. We are going to paint the OSB later this evening so I am going to wait to post pics, but this is a project we have been dreading (and excited for at the same time) since moving in.

I ordered my permaculture and companion planting books as we want the back (street) yard to be fully permacultured. The porch and entire front of the house will be planters for roses and other things. The majority of our plants will be edibles, but I love roses… so I get roses. 🙂