A much needed update…

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I am not going to go back and see where we left off… I will simply start from the here and now.
We have been busy(ish) on the house rebuild, but have decided the outside is really more important… however, one significant feature I don’t think I shared was our primary heat source….

Also, remember these guys?

Well the blonde baby went to a forever home, and Khaleesi is the queen of our bed – just ask her!  LOL

We lost Miss Molly earlier this year, but she lived a long and happy life with us.  🙂
2014-09-23 18.20.33-2

And we added Ms Blondie, who had 4 pups….
45 and we kept Pepper, one of her girls – I will have to get a picture of her to add.  I know I have some, but cannot find them.

We have added Goats, a cow – that recently went to freezer camp, and pigs.  In sort, we have been busy.  🙂
Here are some early pictures of Mr. Burger

The goats we added:

And the only one I can find of the goat babies from the spring, I will do a complete post on them. 🙂


And finally pigs….
We currently have 6 – 2 are going to freezer camp in Sept, and will be breeding one of the girls this winter and then the boar will be attending freezer camp.  🙂

Hopefully this will fill the cuteness quota for a minute, and I will update in a few days.


I know it has been a while

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There has been SO much that happened……. we rehomed most of the dogs…. we still have one of the puppies, Max and Molly….. and the son and DIL moved in with her 11 yo……  the have 2 Chihuahua crosses and so there are (still)  dogs here….

Max became a paraplegic while we were working a fireworks stand (LONG story) and is now in a wheelchair daily……..

Like I said….. SO much has happened over the past year; I will try to find the time in the next week or so to tell you about it. :/

The Conundrum With Brand Loyalty

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I wholeheartedly agree!



Recently Elysian Brewery, a Seattle favorite craft beer company, announced it’s sale to Anheuser-Busch. The backlash was swift. Seattleites may be know for their passive-aggressive, sometimes aloof attitude. But we are also fiercely loyal to the plethora of local, small-mid size companies that dot the landscape of the Seattle scene.

So as I’m listening to the story on the Radio I find myself scoffing when one of the brewery’s original founders attempted to assure locals that the beer and brand would remain the same. That’s not the point!!!!  – I’m now yelling at my radio. The poor kids stopped next to me at the traffic light must surely think I’m crazy. I continue undaunted – No, you idiot, it’s not the same! It can’t be the same! It will never be the same!

What is the point? The point is Elysian Brewery simply will never be the same (I…

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The New Hare-Pen: Stage 1

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This is AMAZING!!!!

Red Gate Farm

With the addition of our new rabbits, we decided it was a good time to experiment with a new rabbit system we have wanted to try for a while now–a rabbit community, colony, or “hare-pen” as I like to call it.  It was also a good time, because we have more rabbits than cages.  On our recent butcher day, it was discovered that our little American Chinchilla doe who unexplicably died was about 2 weeks pregnant, meaning our AC buck had bred her.  Therefore, he and our remaining, seemingly infertile, doe won a reprieve for a few more months to see if anything will happen.  Anyway, the idea of a hare-pen at its most basic is, instead of having each rabbit in its own cage, several rabbits are run together.  But it isn’t necessarily that simple. 

N petting Pelham, our AC buck.  We are finding that, despite their freedom to run, they…

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When your homestead becomes a business…

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While we primarily moved here for the purpose of self-sustainability (to the point where it still makes sense to us…), we also wanted to have a way for Kem to “not work” – well to not GO to an off property work place every day. At this present time he commutes about 75 miles daily…

Homestead Kitchen – The Only Bread Recipe You (Don’t) Knead

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Union Homestead

It has long been a Homestead dream to bake that holy grail of self sufficiency: the humble loaf of bread. Over the years, we’ve nursed countless sour dough starters and shelled out a veritable fortune on fancy artisan yeasts and flours.   We’ve kneaded until our arms resembled overcooked spaghetti, constructed all manner of devices to provide the perfect proving conditions, and faithfully followed a squillion and one recipes to the letter but the result has always been the same:

Loaves like river stones (but less palatable).

Here's one we prepared earlier... or a river stone.
Here’s one we prepared earlier… or a river stone.

Feeling utterly defeated and not a little useless, we even resorted, with the rest of the  late 1990’s similarly culinarily-challenged dolts, to buying ourselves a bread making machine. That wonderful machine performed an magical form of voodoo every single night.  As we slept, it bleeped and churned, hummed and buzzed, turning the ingredients we slung in it prior to retiring each evening…

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