A much needed update…

Other folks words that I find inspiring

I am not going to go back and see where we left off… I will simply start from the here and now.
We have been busy(ish) on the house rebuild, but have decided the outside is really more important… however, one significant feature I don’t think I shared was our primary heat source….

Also, remember these guys?

Well the blonde baby went to a forever home, and Khaleesi is the queen of our bed – just ask her!  LOL

We lost Miss Molly earlier this year, but she lived a long and happy life with us.  🙂
2014-09-23 18.20.33-2

And we added Ms Blondie, who had 4 pups….
45 and we kept Pepper, one of her girls – I will have to get a picture of her to add.  I know I have some, but cannot find them.

We have added Goats, a cow – that recently went to freezer camp, and pigs.  In sort, we have been busy.  🙂
Here are some early pictures of Mr. Burger

The goats we added:

And the only one I can find of the goat babies from the spring, I will do a complete post on them. 🙂


And finally pigs….
We currently have 6 – 2 are going to freezer camp in Sept, and will be breeding one of the girls this winter and then the boar will be attending freezer camp.  🙂

Hopefully this will fill the cuteness quota for a minute, and I will update in a few days.