Other folks words that I find inspiring

There are days (weeks?) when I feel as if I am in a bit of a fog; life is moving forward and I am in the propelled state, but that I have missed a good deal of it somehow. I can look back on the time frame and have recall of the moments that apparently were notable enough to remember, but ask myself, “but where did the day (week) go?”  This past week has been that way.

More than the wow, what a busy week how time flies… more a WHERE did I spend all of that time?  Anyway!  It has been a busy, and productive week around the ‘farm’. The 4 day weekend meant Kem was able to get some project time in – but also that he overdid it a bit.  Balance, that is a word I use a lot and he says – “yeah, right.”  🙂
We got our meat birds in – OK, in fairness, we got more meat birds LOL; these are the chicks we planned on getting – 25 pioneers, rainbow rangers…whatever you want to call them. They are a dual purpose bird that we use primarily for meat because they dress out between 8 – 10 pounds in 3-4 months. Between these and the 110+- we have in the tractors…. we have a lot of yummy goodness that will be freezer camp bound this fall.

Daphne and Thelma are becoming real puppies – LOL – they are playing with Max (and Molly if she allows it) for a few minutes before he runs away.  He is a bit jealous of the attention they are getting.  He has never been crated, but in the evenings when they are out playing he has taken to laying in their crate.  I shake my head and move on. 🙂 I think the thing he is most jealous of is the fact that they get to accompany me to the barn.  He goes to his boundary and stares at us like, “really, they get to go and I don’t?” Yep, they don’t run after chickens when they run… you do. He is getting over himself, rapidly.

Well, dishes are not going to put themselves up, and the floor is begging to be mopped while the girls are napping… let the fog roll in. LOL


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