Humbled by and in Gratitude

Other folks words that I find inspiring

As this past week progressed I have had many moments of gratitude.  I have been blessed with two sons that are wonderful men; thoughtful, considerate. loving – even while retaining their quirky individual styles.  One is shy, but puts on a brave front of bravado, and the other is not shy, but he gives that vibe in the beginning… strange.  Anyway the point is that my youngest turns 32 today and I have to say, overall, the years have been amazing.  He has ‘a past’ (don’t we all) that has been, at times, painful for him, but all that pain became building blocks for an extraordinary human being…and 3 weeks from today, he will leave on his honeymoon with his amazing new bride.

We are truly blessed that they found each other and we gained an amazing extended family that we love and enjoy spending time with. You know those people that you meet and you feel as if you have known them all of your life and you are so comfortable around them immediately, like that favorite blanket wrapped around you – that would be these people. An amazing example of love, acceptance and family for the ‘kids’ while they start this new journey in their life.

The bride’s maternal grandmother is a kindred spirit… she apparently shares my love of the tactile experience. She spins, weaves, sews etc. and I have been gifted a plethora of treasure by her.  She sent me a 20″ Schacht table top loom, a treasure trove of roving and raw wool, books (giddy right now…. love me some books!) and magazines (the picture only shows a few…. it doesn’t show the 2 boxes of magazines…I have already found to-dos! LOL) and tools.  I am awed in gratitude; yet when I say thank you the response was her thanking me for taking it.  HUMBLED by Gratitude! I am the recipient of items that are on my ‘wishlist’ and am being thanked for taking them and putting them to use.

I am so thankful for the new family we are gaining and look forward to sharing the treasures, and hopefully the art, with future generations of our shared family (not rushing that kids! But…LOL.)

WP_20150517_15_03_30_Pro WP_20150517_15_04_00_ProWP_20150517_15_03_22_Pro

In addition to the reminiscing about Matthew’s life, this week has been interesting. I have spent many hours taking care of Thelma and Daphne – to the point of almost nothing else getting done – and have noticed much progress in their development. Thelma is still a wee bit developmentally behind Daphne, but seems to be catching up nicely.  When we got them T was (seriously) about half of D’s size… now she is a mere 4 oz less.

They are running (if their leaps and falls are considered running 😀 ) everywhere – including into doors, walls, the kennel – and are beginning to roughhouse with each other. T took a walk out to the Andalusian’s chicken palace and back to the house yesterday whole D slept… and came back one exhausted puppy – note to self … do it again today! They are eating real moistened food but still want that early morning and before bed at night bottle, so they get it.
And it is a beautiful thing when you realize they have crate trained themselves… they get up when we do, we open the door to their crate and they do their business – eat – do their business – play – do their business and go into their crate for a nap and this cycle is repeated…. with times of one sleeping while the other is awake throughout the day.  Now you see why almost nothing else gets done…. that’s a lot of business. 😀
Now on to non-puppy updates:
In between the rain this weekend Kem finished the duck house for the Rouens and the Buffs.  They have a small run that will eventually go to the “upper pond” (about an eight by 15 foot duck wading area that he dug out along our drainage trench that leads to the “lower retention pond” – that then has directed flow to the watershed… rather than our entire back yard….), but that won’t happen until later this spring/early summer when they are fully feathered and we feel safe with them in that much water alone.

WP_20150518_07_24_36_Pro WP_20150518_07_26_49_Pro

Our Turkey Assortment turned out to be half Black Spanish and half Royal Palms — SO excited to have received heritage breeds!  I can’t wait for them to go into their grow out area so I can start observing their growth.  We plan on keeping one jake (young tom) – possibly two depending on the ratio of m:f – and all of the jennys (young hens) from each breed.  WP_20150518_05_13_18_Pro This is Daphne’s favorite sleeping position…


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