Babies, Babies everywhere

Other folks words that I find inspiring

I have been busy with puppy breath kisses, so I do not apologize for the delay in writing. 🙂  We also added Turkeys and Wellsummer chicks to the fray, and our best mama bunny had 8 kits on Friday… LOL – busy, busy week or so.

We are seeing the results of the kicking our own butts of late; things are coming together nicely.  Garden is popping up with corn, okra, and limas among the multitude of other yummy things planted before the past week or so.  Debating on putting more spinach out, it has been so hot – I don’t want it to bolt…but we are enjoying what we have.

We named the pups Thelma and Daphne (need a shaggy and scooby now – or not). They are (we estimate) 3-4 weeks old and starting to show their personalities.  Thelma is dark, compact and thinks she is a bad ass; Daphne is blonde, docile and thinks she is a lap dog (needy?).  The next few weeks should be fun – but brightside… they are sleeping all night – no more middle of the night bottles!  YAY!

WP_20150501_08_01_14_Pro[1] WP_20150503_18_00_36_Pro[1] WP_20150504_12_06_15_Pro[1] WP_20150511_001[1] WP_20150511_11_50_22_Pro[1]

We added these guys:


and put the Ducks and meat birds on pasture (with a light at night of course since they are 4 weeks this week):

WP_20150509_11_16_05_Pro[1] WP_20150509_11_16_26_Pro[1]

Just before we put the adult and teenager bunnies in the newly (forgot to mention that) constructed  colony (will have to get pics) Big Mama had these guys:

WP_20150509_11_13_20_Pro[1] WP_20150509_11_13_27_Pro[1]

6 white, 1 black and 1 grey kits… can’t wait to see eye color on our white babies.

And finally – Mother’s day was eventful.  Not in the normal Hallmark kind of way, but in the life on a farm kind of way.  The invisible fence got unplugged and Ida wandered past the border because she refused to come in on Sat night… It was a low of 65, so OK – stay outside…. BUT she tested the boundaries and found out it was off. 😦  That part – eh no big deal, she’ll come back in when she wants to eat… or not.  She chased and killed a chicken.  Bad, bad stuff.  We, fortunately had someone on file that said they wanted her – but I resisted because she is so shy – that does not have animals other than dogs, so she went to a new place.  One where she can’t get into trouble, or be a menace to livestock.


I am sad to see her go, but we can’t have a dog that is going to upset the apple cart and cost me $ – lost revenue and livestock replacement is not an option!

So, yep that about sums up the past few weeks – LOL about.  Oh, Kem is building a duck habitat for the littles that are in with the meat birds – they will be permanent residents this weekend.  🙂  I’ll get pics when they see their new home.

3 weeks until house training officially begins… wish me luck! (Can you tell I am not looking forward to this!)


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