Learning to be grateful for kicking your own butt….

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Over the past few weeks we have done a pretty good job of kicking our own butts.  Kem does so much more than I do, and I feel horrid when I complain, because I know this; however, when you throw your back out and every move you make feels as if someone is stabbing you repeatedly, it is hard to keep it shut.  LOL  This is the fate of the past few weeks. After mowing about 2 acres (more like 2.5 – 3) last week when Kem was off for a few extra days I was taking some suckers off the fruit trees in the road facing yard (some would call it the front yard – I call it the back 😉 ) I found myself unable to stand upright… uh oh, what to do.  Well I stayed in a really strange position until the muscle spasm quit and gimped into the house… took some Ibuprofen and proceeded to try to walk around a little – doing minor household stuff…. knowing full well if I sit down I am done.  Well, after about a week it was doing ok(ish) and then we plant the garden yesterday.  WHY do we do this to ourselves?  OH yeah, for the food…. I just keep reminding myself it is for the food!

OK, enough whining – Here is what we planted yesterday – we replanted carrots (only 3 came up from earlier planing) and beets… we planted lettuce in the bare patches of the existing lettuces where perhaps some did not grow, OR we thinned a little too vigorously for salad… oh, and beets – did I mention we planted beets 🙂  LOL Seriously this is possibly our favorite plant.  No waste – eat the tops in our salad, or cooked, and the bulb is yummy, ao many, many beets were planted. Kem is hoping to have enough to can/pickle (ICK) but I am betting they don’t survive fresh eating… Cabbage starts were planted, Tomato starts were planted, Sweet peppers of varying types, fennel, green onions – in addition to the red onions that were started last month and I am pinching seed heads off of – daily, and OKRA – yes… Okra is finally in the ground and this makes me very, very happy.

The ducks are now in a tote (well a topless tote)on the back porch with a heat lamp and are quite happy! And the Andalusians… well to say they like their palace may be a huge understatement:


On the agenda for next weekend – 1) yet another sunburn, I am sure – my face/neck and Kem’s neck/lower back got hammered yesterday! 2) Corn will be planted!  We are going to burn off a weed patch and corn will be planted! 2 weeks after the corn goes in we plant beans/peas and various squashes around the corn to increase the health of all.   3) Ditto for our wildflower area, since we are removing so many acres of previously fallow ground we want to plant a concentration of wild flowers/sunflowers/lavender etc to give the pollinators and birds some love. 4) Figure out where the chia will go… maybe in a patch of the wildflower garden, but we shall see. 5) Rabbit Colony will be started (if not completed).  We have had enough of the buns being confined… all but BB and one other bun (haven’t decided which one yet) will be in a colony as of next week. 6) Fordhook (bush) Limas will be planted. 7) Cantaloupe and Watermelon will be planted – we have no idea where, but it will happen!  We just have to be sure to keep it away from the chicken roaming area…. I want some too you know!

If my back cooperates I will get the spearmint, herbs and lavender planted this week – if not we’ll have to add that to next weekends already expanding list.


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