It really must be spring – finally

Animals: Gotta love 'em, Building the Dream, Permaculture: Crazy or Genius?

As we puttered about this weekend (still feeling the effects of last weeks flu bug) we were greeted with the reality that spring has sprung.

WP_20150315_004We look out over the pasture area that Kem excavated last summer and it is all green with grass and clover. Then we look in the front yard and think, “guess it is time to  break out the mower.”

WP_20150308_001We put a few things in the garden, but did not have the energy needed to do much there, but carrots, salsify, sunchokes, onions, asparagus, rhubarb, lettuces and spinach are in – so far.  Of course I have my 200+ starts inside… but these things are ensconced in dirt outdoors. 🙂 The picture is step one of the garden plan – this is for a 24 x 32 foot area. Directly below it will be another area for corn/beans/squash.  There are 5 other areas we are planting as well – on a smaller scale. Next year we will hopefully have raised hugelkulture (sp?) beds in place.

Kem added an outdoor run to the small bird area in the barn yesterday – the property used to house 10 horses… now the stalls are being converted to meet our needs and so far 2 have been made chicken sanctuaries.  Throughout the week he is going to be working on the duck area, followed by the turkey area and a place for the rabbits to be closer to the barn – at least some of them.

WP_20150315_001Speaking of rabbits – we have a plethora of fur balls.  5 that are perhaps 6-8 weeks old, 2 that are 3ish weeks old and 8 pinkies… We pulled the 5 younglings and BB (my snuggle bunny that shall never live ‘in the barn’) into a wire surrounded tote cage because the hutch was becoming a circus.

OH NEWS!  Pavlov goes to his honest to goodness – this time it is for REAL – forever family today! I am so excited for them, and more so for him.  I watched him eat his kibble today and thought, “I am so happy they saw through your special needs and want to bring you into their lives.”  And Amy is probably going to TN this week.  A family is coming to meet her later in the week.  They have preteen boys, so it seems like a perfect match.  Crossing fingers!

Here are some pictures to entertain…

WP_20150315_20_08_14_Pro Amy could not seem to get close enough to the fire last night.

WP_20150315_17_28_06_Pro Anyone know what type of Rooster he is?

WP_20150315_17_15_21_Pro This Pioneer hen has decided that door is her place in life.  We open it and she sits there looking at us… I chuckle every time.

WP_20150315_17_10_43_ProMister Blue Andalusian… smallest and loudest of the 5 remaining roosters!

WP_20150315_17_06_37_Pro This bantam was here when we moved in.

WP_20150315_17_14_48_ProOne of the 5 (for now) remaining boys

WP_20150315_003Mama bunnies

WP_20150315_002 Maybe 3 weeks old…

WP_20150309_14_11_11_ProOH – Did I mention I canned 30 quarts and 45 pints of marinara this past week (flu, smu)

WP_20150307_12_12_37_Pro  A few of the starts. Nasturtium and Chamomile are in there somewhere.


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