That Ah Ha moment when you realize your hard work has been for a reason…

Building the Dream, Other folks words that I find inspiring

This weekend (well most of last week and this weekend thanks to snow) Kem worked his butt off… this is nothing new, but last night when we finally sat down for dinner around 8PM he said, “I finally feel like we have a home”.

After 8 months, we hung our first picture on a wall.  Who knew it would have such a profound impact on us!  Let me digress for a moment… For a year before we ‘bought the farm’ we lived in a 900sf house that was always meant to be a temporary solution, so nothing was hung and very (VERY) few personal (read knickknacks etc…) items were unpacked. After almost 35 years together…. we have a plethora of personal items that have been boxed for almost 2 years.  To see the first of those hung on the wall was cathartic. Not to mention, I – FINALLY – unpacked the first 10 or so boxes of books!  YAY!!!!  I think I had – perhaps – one box of books that I had accumulated at the ‘little’ house and to see my shelves filling out gave me an almost overwhelming sense of being home/relief.

First pictures hung were in the guest room.  The room itself is 99% done (closet will be completed later – thus the shelf in front of where the closet will be. But here is what we have so far…

WP_20150301_17_19_45_Pro[1] WP_20150301_17_20_15_Pro[1] WP_20150301_17_20_04_Pro

We painted one wall of paneling – it will eventually have sheetrock, but until the closet construction is underway… he is calling this room done.  This will be the only room in the house with carpet, because the original carpet is a very good quality and I was able to clean it nicely.  Note the books on the shelves and a mirror and some pictures hanging on the walls; there are many more to go, but that little bit has made this home vs. a place to live.

Now for other news 🙂

We have our first 4 ducks.  We were in Tractor Supply and couldn’t resist! WP_20150222_17_10_29_Pro[1]

Then we saw this when we were feeding the bunnies – we knew we had 5 or 6 babes, but these two are almost always up with the big bunnies now…WP_20150226_09_07_27_Pro WP_20150226_09_07_38_Pro

And the unnamed company is sending replacement Blue Andalusian chicks for the shipment we lost in Feb… I’ll let you know how it works out.

I mentioned snow days for Kem last week…. here are some pics of the crappy white stuff LOL…

WP_20150226_09_07_03_Pro WP_20150225_001 WP_20150226_09_05_24_Pro  WP_20150226_09_06_16_Pro WP_20150226_09_06_32_Pro WP_20150226_09_06_54_Pro

And last, but certainly not least – the other reason we are feeling more at home:


The dust has become a fact of life – so I am not even asking for you to ‘excuse’ it… simply ignore it please. LOL  Dusting is a daily endeavor that sets my allergies on full alert – even more than they already are because of the constant dust…  But I digress.  We have ONE painted wall in the living room and a painted ceiling!  The nicotine stained ceiling that we moved into is GONE FOREVER!!!

Now on to cleaning the coffee pot that is flashing ‘clean’ at me and making shades for the living and guest rooms.  I am thinking of something simple like this. Any other ideas there? Simple and functional is what I am going for.

Finally this evening we pick up our first order from a new company I am using Azure Standard.  If you are not aware of them, take the time to check them out.  They do ‘community’ drop points (or ship some items individually if you are not on a route) for organic and eco friendly bulk products.  Anytime I can get organics for about the price of the ‘regular’ supermarket crap – I am all in!


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