Cold is a relative word

Building the Dream

As I am typing this I find myself ‘waxing philosophical’. I have been complaining how ‘cold’ it has been and I remember why we 1) moved from MT so many years ago – 70 below wind chills and my 1st grader was expected to stand at a bus stop… uh NO! – and 2) why we moved from Reno the last time – being snowed in for a week; my SUV was completely covered in snow overnight. So, I suppose it is not that cold after all.  However, one acclimates to temperate weather quickly, and we have been in Georgia 10 years this time….Having said that IT’S COLD (relatively speaking)!

On to the newest projects, but first a little venting is in order. We ordered Blue Andalusian chicks from a hatchery  that we have never used before (and shall remain nameless until I see if this is an isolated incident or a systemic issue).  When they arrived during this cold snap (of course) a couple of them hadn’t survived the trip – not a good beginning – and within 48 hours all were dead.  It is unusual for us to lose ay chicks, and to lose them all was suspect, to say the least. The hatchery  is going to resend chicks in March, so we shall see if they are in better condition.  It just irks me that we are set back a month in our brooding schedule.

I have an office! A floored and sheet-rocked office! It still has to be sanded and painted, but YAY!!! We went from our bedroom being separated by a bookshelf to hide my desk to having our bedroom moved to it’s proper place, the guest room built (not finished yet, but started!) and my office nearly complete.  Things are looking up!

Here are the ‘before’ pics – move in day:

Closet or small room??? anyone's guess here!

Closet or small room??? anyone’s guess here!

ceiling of small room/closet.... with nonfunctioning light/ceiling fan.

Bedroom... at this juncture.

Bedroom… at this juncture.

And now:

WP_20150215_13_30_49_Pro[1] This is going to be the closet – where we will have an electronics shelf (thus the outlet) where my modems/router/wireless printer and fax will be housed.

WP_20150214_15_31_47_Pro Yes if you look closely there are 3 monitors here… I often have as many as 10 pages/programs up at once to research a clients trip, so multiple monitors are a godsend!

WP_20150214_15_31_53_Pro WP_20150214_15_31_39_Pro We decided to leave the original window in place for the office and the guest room.  They are single pane (ick) wood windows (wood is bonus) but they have a storm/screen combination that makes it useable. We have to strip and paint them as they have never been treated in any manner before and we have to weatherstrip them, but it shall save hundreds of dollars and time that can be better spent.  As a side not – when we moved in this windows sister was the ONLY window in the living room… dark paneling, tiny window; when I think of it I shiver. Way too depressing!

WP_20150215_001 Someone asked why louvered doors?
Well that answer is multifold. We wanted to ensure airflow – the house was doorless before – and we found the fully framed doors for $49… no brainer if you ask me!  The closets in both the office and the guest room will have the same doors.  For the office it makes even more sense as the air return for the heat pump is in the closet.  There will be vents on either side of the hall way/closet walls and louvered doors. We are contemplating vents between the livingroom and closet as well. (If anyone is an AC person and can weigh in it would be appreciated.)  We are not using the heat pump for heat only for air in the ‘we can’t stand it’ hot months.

I think in the next few weeks we will have completed pics of both rooms – which means completed rooms!  YAY!!!  Then comes the hard part for Kem – tearing out the original part of the house – one room at a time….

All in all when we take stock of what we bought in May 2014 – the rate of improvement is astounding – even if we don’t see the forest for the trees some days.


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