When your homestead becomes a business…

Building the Dream, Other folks words that I find inspiring, Permaculture: Crazy or Genius?

While we primarily moved here for the purpose of self-sustainability (to the point where it still makes sense to us…), we also wanted to have a way for Kem to “not work” – well to not GO to an off property work place every day. At this present time he commutes about 75 miles daily… definitely not what we want for him! He has gone to 4 days a week, but that (factoring in the fact that he deals with Atlanta traffic daily) makes for very long days.  Up at 4 feed the chickens, look at the weather and eBay while drinking a cup of coffee and out the door by 5; then leaves work around 4:30 and home between 6 and 6:30 if traffic is ‘normal”.

We have lived a multiple income stream life for most of our adult lives. Either we both worked, or we both worked and had other things that were profitable going on at the same time (if you want something done ask a busy person… we were the busy people).  We are anticipating the ‘farm’ to be the same. As we were talking about his ‘work exit strategy’ we decided if we are going to grow produce to meet our (and our sons’) needs, we may as well expand and meet the needs of others as well.  So we are planning on 2016 crops that will be sold via various markets.  We may introduce a CSA type program with in the next few years – depending on interest – as well.

We were torn, at first, because we wanted to do this for us, but then we realized that providing locally grown food IS doing something for us. It will allow Kem to be here, where he wants to be, and it will decrease or carbon footprint exponentially. It will also share our good fortune with other people. We feel blessed to have our own piece of paradise… it has a long way to go to be what we envision as the end result, but it is something we have said numerous times over the past 7 months – “I wish we had done this years ago!”  Coming from me – that is an amazing statement!  I have never been a ‘country’ girl.  I was much more prepared to live in a metropolis… or so I thought.  My brain may have been more adept to that, but I can absolutely say that my heart is right here!

Now, back to the business part… I decided that if we are going to ramp up to a production micro-farm, I need to get a handle on expenses to better price our product etc.  I found this blog that I am really enjoying the resources of; I setup my quick books account according to her suggestions and it seems to flow well.  As I sat there setting everything up and entering the receipts I could find my thought was, “Wow, we are really doing it, we are turning our thought of having a homestead into a viable business.”

The turns we take in life fascinate me!

Does anyone have ideas for other resources?  I would love to hear about them!


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