It is coming together.

Animals: Gotta love 'em, Building the Dream

First let me say I am SO happy we shop at Kroger!  Granted I want to stop needing to shop anywhere for the most part, but $0.70 off per gallon of gas made this weekend a treat! The truck needed gas and we filled it up for $1.179 a gallon. YEAH BUDDY!! WP_20150131_10_56_52_Pro__highres

Kem has been very busy.  Our goal is to have at least the front half of the house completed before planting and the new birds come in.  We have staggered Ducks, Turkeys, Chickens and more turkeys to be delivered throughout the spring and summer.

Here are some pics of the latest project (splitting what used to be the master into 2 rooms – one a guest room and the other an office/single guest room).:

The newly formed hallway framed in then partially rocked

WP_20150131_09_28_08_Pro__highres WP_20150201_13_34_33_Pro__highres

The beginnings of the guest room



WP_20150125_14_39_14_Pro__highres WP_20150131_09_29_07_Pro__highres

He is hanging the doors as I type. 🙂

Earlier today he killed and cleaned 2 birds for the freezer.  When we ‘process’ them for the freezer we make it easy on ourselves… we skin them.  I don’t cook with the skin anyway, so why not. This is a 3.5 pound (dressed weight) 4 month old boy that thought he was king of the hill:


This is a 6.5 pound (dressed) Pioneer that thought he needed to bother the hens a bit too much…


They were exactly the same age.  Is it any wonder we have another run of Pioneers coming in May??  Dinner!

We are starting to feel like we can see the progress we have made.  We have to continue to remind ourselves we have been here only 7 months and so much has been accomplished! But, it is certainly nice to see and appreciate the changes!


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