Things that make you go hmmmm….

Building the Dream

1) We have Amy back… one of the pups didn’t think she belonged.  Who knew that a mini horse sized Pit Bull would let a 6 month old puppy boss her around. LOL, but that is okay – we really missed her! Not so much the chaos of 4 dogs under the age of 2… but her personality and sweetness was missed.

2) I finally got around to calling the power company about our out door light that is on 24/7… they should be out in the next few days – we think this was a previous owner install that was (if other previous owner installations are any indication) done improperly… ***shaking my head!

3)People that allow their dogs to roam the streets! Resaca GA is one of those wide spots in the road that if it were not on the way somewhere you would never know exists… However it IS on the way to several places and intersects 2 state highways (think 2 lane roads here…) and “in town” the speed limit is 45, and people let their puppies/dogs run the roads … every time we drive through town we are concerned that we will see one less – and it happened earlier this week. 😦  I wish animals (the 2 and 4 legged variety) came with a basic IQ exam… but alas, that is not the case.

4)People that “chain” their dogs out…. having gripped about not restraining dogs you may think I would be a fan of this practice; but I am DEFINITELY not. For instance – Neighbors have a Shepard x Pit that is cabled in their front yard that constantly breaks his cable… mind you they have a covered kennel that they have a smaller dog in… and where do you think he wanders to when he breaks his cable?  Yep… in front of my house.  This week I thought I was going to have an all out turf war between him and Max.  My dogs are invisible fence controlled. A (different) neighbor asked me once why I would do that since it doesn’t keep other dogs out; my response was that it is my responsibility to teach my dogs their boundaries  if another dog is insane enough to come into the yard of (at that time) a pack of 6 dogs 4 of which are Pit, or Pit crosses – then that dog would probably learn that is not a good idea.  My dogs are not aggressive toward other dogs, but when a dog is standing in the middle of the road growling and snarling at my contained dog…. this is not a good sign.  So the neighbor that ‘chains’ his dog out has his wife run out and grab the dogs cable while he is shooting his .357 into (literally) the street….  REALLY?!? She grabbed the cable just as her dog was charging into my yard to jump Max…probably good that I didn’t have my .38 on me… rat shot hurts too.



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