It is beginning to look like a home..

Building the Dream

This past 10 days have been very busy!

Animal Update:

2014-09-14 19.31.45-1We are extremely pleased that Amy went to her forever home with a friend that has trained/raised around a dozen pit bulls. She will have a puppy (maybe 6 months old) brother and sister (same litter) with her for company with a large fenced yard to play in.  Life is good.

We were going to send her with the ‘harness’ (pony bridle) she is wearing in the picture with Max, but she is WAY too big for it now… she was right at 70 pounds then!!!!!!

About a week after Pav arrived... what you don't see is my foot is about 2 inches from his face.  Where I was, there he was.

About a week after Pav arrived… what you don’t see is my foot is about 2 inches from his face. Where I was, there he was.

Now to find Pav a forever home! He is our special needs pup… inbred for probably generations, smart but very stubborn in many ways – refuses to completely stop ‘marking’ in the house. The behavior is much better, but crating at night is the only option…  His biggest ‘issue’ is he is tongue-tied and makes a complete slobbery mess when he eats or drinks.  I just wash his face (unless Max gets there first) and move on, but a forever home would have to be willing to deal with this, or have surgery performed to, hopefully, correct it.  He has come a long way since he first came to live with us July 4th, but has a way to go.


Ida Wanda has gone from a very timid – read scared of her own shadow unless outside with other dogs – to an almost fully functioning house dog.  She is even scratching to let us know she wants in (this is new in the past 10 days). She is sleeping on the couch with the other dogs and Philip (our oldest son) at this moment.  From hiding under the bed to sleeping with people on her couch is a huge improvement.  She still will only lie down where she has at least 2 escape routes, but there has been so much improvement I am ecstatic.

Farm critters:

We have ordered our turkeys, ducks and chicks for the year.  We have 2 orders of turkeys coming in.  There are enough orders for 12 – 14 pound Thanksgiving turkeys that we ordered some late season broad breasted turkeys to fill this and early season heirloom turkeys to breed and keep around the farm. Ducks are needed for the ponds – right?? So we decided to go for it. And Pioneer chickens for the freezer will arrive in April.  We have to thin the roosters from the Sept birds soon.  I’ll get some pics of the various birds we have and post them.  We have a blue Andalusian rooster that is the cock of the walk… at least he thinks so. 😉

After all of the animal chatter I will now show you why I said it is beginning to look a lot like a home…

WP_20150116_10_14_58_Pro__highres[1] WP_20150116_10_14_44_Pro__highres[1]WP_20150116_10_53_36_Pro__highres[1]

The bedroom portion of the master is DONE – and we officially moved in! This is a milestone for us, as it opens up the ability to do s much more.  Now the large room that was being used as the master can be split into 2 rooms and a hallway.  When I say large room I meant it; dividing it will leave us with a 10×10 office/bedroom (closet inclusive) and an 11×14 (closet will be additional space from a separate room/project) bedroom. as well as a 4×10 hallway… To have the spare room so the boys can have a place to sleep when they come over that is not 1) the daybed in the living room, or 2) an air in an unfinished room…. will be HUGE! The daybed will go into the office and the guest room furniture in the guest room…. pictures can be hung, things can look like we live here, not a pile of boxes that gets moved around every time we need to find something. YAY!!!


I am waiting for my sewing machine to appear in the mail/FedEx/UPS… my parents are shipping it from MN so I can make roman shades for the living room and bedroom…. but have been very busy making soap and selling it locally, as well as making hats/headbands and hand spinning a plethora of roving I was gifted over the holidays (I have AMAZING friends and extended family!)  I am adding a page today to the site for things we have currently for sale… eggs, chickens/turkeys and soaps. The Chickens/Turkeys are live critters, however if you wish us to teach you how to clean them for your freezer, we will do so at no additional charge when you pick them up. 🙂

This weekend we picked up the glass (once again my wonderful extended family receives a HUGE shout out and thank you!!) for the greenhouse! We were gifted about 30 panes of 3’x4′ (approx) tempered glass from a highrise that is no more…. we calculated the cost of buying the glass and it would have been more than $6000!  To say this re-purposed glass is going to good use may be the understatement of the year!  We plan on growing all of our own botanicals for future soap projects.  I prefer ‘clean’ smelling soaps to the highly perfumed fragrance oil varieties (although I use those too – for now at least), so using home grown mints, herbs, fruits/berries is where I want to be in a year. Not to mention the benefits of eating said herbs, botanicals, fruits…..

I have droned enough and need to take pictures of my current soap offerings.

Have you ever made soap? Or have you used a handmade soap?  If so, please tell me what you think of the end product. I much prefer it to store bought, for many reasons, and would love to hear what your experience is.


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