Available Now

Available Now


All Natural Oatmeal Pumpkin Chai (very light scent) Soap – Natural Orange Colorants, Botanical Blend, Vegetable Based

Rainy Mid-Summer Night Oatmeal Soap – Purple, fragrance oil blend, artificial colorant, Animal and Vegetable fats used


So Clean – All Vegetable blend, Artificial orange colorants, fragrance oil blend. This blend has a fresh clean, rather neutral scent.

Sun-Ripened Pear – All Vegetable blend, Artificial green colorants, fragrance oil

Mountain Pine – Small tree shaped, glycerin soap great for cabin or holiday guest soaps!


Sweet Rain – All Vegetable blend, artificial Green Colorants, fragrance oil blend

Hearts all around! – Glycerin and goats milk with a light floral fragrance oil blend.

All ‘regular’ sized bars are $4 each or 3/10 mix and match is fine! Small guest soaps are $1 each.

I can make guest soaps in heart, tree and star shapes at this time, and will gladly make them in your color of choice.

My regular bars are approx 4 oz when cut (weight decreases over time as water weight dissipates from the finished product) and can be made to order.  Some of my favorite scents are LemonGrass, Orange Peel, Coffee – wonderful kitchen soap to remove cooking odors from hands, rosemary sage and MINT, Mint, Mint!  These will almost always be in stock and can be made at anytime if not.

Please keep in mind if a bar is ordered that is not in stock – it will take approx 3 weeks before I will ship it: Since I use Lye, I will not ship until the soap has cured for  a minimum of 3 weeks to assure you are receiving a safe product.  While my soap could be used within 3 days, I feel it is better to be safe than sorry!

Eggs: large to extra-large ALWAYS Cage Free, Brown or easter-egger (various shades of greens at this time) eggs are available at this time.  $3/dozen  These can be picked up in Mableton, GA or at the farm.  Call for directions.

Turkeys: preorders for Thanksgiving turkeys – We will post prices within a few months.  Remember you are buying a LIVE turkey… if you want us to show you how to clean and prepare your turkey for eating – we will do so at NO CHARGE when you pick the turkey(s) up. Be sure to mention this is the case when contacting us to order.

Chickens: We have layers and YOUNG Roosters available. Laying hens $15 each, Roosters $10 each. Remember you are buying LIVE Poultry… if you want us to show you how to clean and prepare for eating – we will do so at NO CHARGE when you pick them up. Be sure to mention this is the case when contacting us to order.

When you purchase eggs or live poultry from us, we will add you as a Friend of the Farm.  This will put you on our mailing list for special offers as they become available.  We will NEVER use pesticides/herbicides on our property and use nonGMO seeds for all produce.  I can’t rant about large agra ruining our planet if I do the same thing!

One thing you will notice on the farm is flowers/veggies/trees all grow together.  No monoculture or single row farming here. We let the plants and animals work together (as intended) to keep things humming along. Pictures will be posted throughout planting and growing season, so you will see what I mean….. hills of corn,beans and squash living happily together along side roses and basil and sun chokes…. it looks like a “hot mess” according to traditional US gardens, but grows wonderful ‘organic’ food!


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