Time Flies

Building the Dream

I have been extremely errant in maintaining my posts, I apologize.  I cannot blame it on any one thing – except my inability to just sit down and do it. ;/

So, even though I abhor “New Year’s Resolutions” as something that is meant to set people up for failure, I made one (of sorts) to myself to post a minimum of one time per week…. so here goes.


New News – at least for the interworld… Penny found a home with kids to play with and a forever mom that adores her.  Groomers appointments abound. 🙂  YAY!!!  Her name name is Zoe and she is thriving.  Her family has someone that may be coming up to look at one of the big kids, as they just lost their long time family member Pit-cross (Pitx).

I think I have updated pics of the construction…but they are on my 40+ mp lost cell phone (lost in the house somewhere); technology is amazing, but when my phone became primarily a camera, I knew even I had turned a dark corner. 😀

While not completed the master bedroom main room addition is fully closed in and insulated (BONUS!!).  Our heat pump is not working, so we are local sourcing heat in rooms where we are, which is better (IMO) anyway, and we are considering not fixing the heat pump at all  We’ll see  come summer-time in GA….

We are busily planning out garden for spring. I will get some seeds started in a few weeks – I don’t think the greenhouse will be a this winter project, so I will probably start in the house.

We came to an epiphany that we will be adding a root cellar…. we were not going to, but since he wants to redo the entire back porch/deck area and we will be adding a dining room to that area, Kem said… “why not”.  LOL – I can think of many reason why not, but more are in the why column.

He will also be adding more ‘drainage pond’ area. The recent deluge of rain had a large corner of the property under a few inches of water… I can’t even imagine what it would have looked like before his previous work. Now we remember why we wanted to wait a full year before adding larger animals… “to see exactly what Mother Nature does with the property” is always a good preemptive plan.

So, until I can locate more pics (I will look for the phone in earnest today) I shall say HAPPY NEW YEAR and stay warm!


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