Where has Oct gone?

Building the Dream

As I look across my ‘yard’ that is not *soggy* from the recent deluge, I wonder where has the past month gone? I know we have been productive – the evidence of destruction and construction are everywhere, but it is almost Halloween and there is definitely a fall crispness in the air – how did that happen?!?
Well here is a bit of an update… as Kem started remodeling the living room to begin construction on the enhanced master bedroom he decided that tearing the house down and starting over may have been an easier feat. Poor guy, every time he starts something it turns into a major revamp due to poor original construction. Although he will never admit it… he loves the challenge (just maybe not the added costs).
Here are a few pictures of the progress… note, I now have sheetrock (not paneling YAY!!!) in most of the living room. We went from this:

2014-09-22 19.47.58 2014-09-22 19.49.03 2014-09-23 17.32.07-1 2014-09-23 17.32.07-2 2014-09-23 17.51.41 2014-09-23 17.51.41-1 2014-09-23 17.51.41-2 2014-09-23 18.20.24-1 2014-09-23 18.20.24-22014-09-23 18.20.33-1 2014-09-23 18.20.33-2 2014-09-23 18.57.38-1 2014-09-23 18.57.38-2 2014-09-23 19.46.22

to this: 2014-09-23 19.44.56  2014-09-23 19.53.07 2014-09-23 19.53.07-1

then this: 2014-10-05 15.40.09-2  WP_20141015_08_10_51_Pro__highres[1] WP_20141015_08_09_52_Pro__highres[1] WP_20141015_08_10_03_Pro__highres[1] WP_20141015_08_10_10_Pro__highres[1] WP_20141015_08_10_22_Pro__highres[1]

I need to take more because it is even more complete now… but you get the idea.  Frankly, there are times when I am not certain which is/was worse… the perpetual construction zone and the horrid mes that perpetuates, or the paneling.  🙂  But, it is all coming together, bit by bit, and I will be SO relieved when we have at least one room construction free…. OH and yes, that is the original mobile home still intact in the living room…. remember what I said about surprises as he does this? Well, this is one of them…. I suppose the silver lining here is that all of this aluminum shall be recycled and the money put back into the house.



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