Homestead Kitchen – The Only Bread Recipe You (Don’t) Knead

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Union Homestead

It has long been a Homestead dream to bake that holy grail of self sufficiency: the humble loaf of bread. Over the years, we’ve nursed countless sour dough starters and shelled out a veritable fortune on fancy artisan yeasts and flours.   We’ve kneaded until our arms resembled overcooked spaghetti, constructed all manner of devices to provide the perfect proving conditions, and faithfully followed a squillion and one recipes to the letter but the result has always been the same:

Loaves like river stones (but less palatable).

Here's one we prepared earlier... or a river stone.
Here’s one we prepared earlier… or a river stone.

Feeling utterly defeated and not a little useless, we even resorted, with the rest of the  late 1990’s similarly culinarily-challenged dolts, to buying ourselves a bread making machine. That wonderful machine performed an magical form of voodoo every single night.  As we slept, it bleeped and churned, hummed and buzzed, turning the ingredients we slung in it prior to retiring each evening…

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