So many projects, yet so little time

Building the Dream

I have been busy beyond belief, yet feel as if I get little accomplished with what is going on. I know this is a feeling most people on farms or farmstead/homesteads can appreciate.  We started the addition to the living room – so the house is in even more of a shambles than it was before – and will be adding to the master bedroom this weekend (YAY!). These were the two pieces that needed to happen in order to complete my office and guest room, so we are on our way.

This was the “view” from our living room one day last week…. I should not have full access to my car from the living room!  We have a wall(ish) of OSB right now because Kem wants to put the sheetrock up for both rooms at once, hopefully we can get that done by next weekend.

Bird update: We are moving the first set of chicks into their permanent home (just as soon as it has been predator proofed) this weekend and we will play the rotate the chicks game. =)  The Auricana chicks will go into the space where the older chicks are for 2 weeks before they go to their permanent home.  The brooder room in the barn is being set up as well in preparation for turkeys, ducks and geese next spring.  I will get some pics of the birds in their new digs and add them. We are starting to be able to figure out what breeds we have.  We are almost positive we have Cukoo Marans, Pioneers84+-, maybe some Cornish x rocks and Single combed brown leghorns (too early to be certain), 3 Blue Andalusians, pretty sure we have some Silver Spangled Hamburgs, and Silver Laced Wyandottes.   I am hopeful that there are some Delawares – again, too soon to be sure, but it looks promising. Oh and let”s not forget the buff Orpingtons or rocks (again too soon to tell…).  In all this “surprise” mix is turning into quite the mix – which we are all good with. Now to see how many pullets we get vs. how many will be dinner…

I have been asked what our typical day looks like, so I thought I would give a sample day here:

4 AM – alarm goes off and we hit the floor. I (generally) let the dogs out, check on/feed the cat, feed the rabbits and make coffee while Kem gets ready for work. Kem goes to the barn to feed/check on the chicken (and ‘take care of’ any Possums that dare to be there). After that we try to sit and have a cup of coffee together while going over the day (and look at Kem’s fantasy teams).

5 AM – Kem is getting ready to leave for work, so I round up all the dogs to come back in the house – generally by putting their food bowls out. =) Bribery works!

5:15 AM – after Kem leaves – The dogs generally settle in for a nap and I can get some serious blog/email/research time in.

8 AM – Dogs are awake and want to play, so outside with them. Feed/water the chicks

8:30 AM – 1:30 PM – Work  I am working telecommunications from home 1) for sanity 2) for the part-time income and 3) for sanity (yes, I know I said that twice – lol). I am not certain if this will continue when we get full operations up and running as we would like to, but I suspect it will. I enjoy it and as much as I would like to live with out it…. money is something that is required.

Until Kem gets home around 4:30 – 5PM I try to clean, do laundry, play with the dogs, This is when I clean the hutches/coops, scrub the water/feeder trays of the chicks, put fresh hay down, sprinkle the DE etc…. general maintenance and upkeep of things. Depending on what I am planning for dinner I may cook during this time; however, we generally eat pretty fresh, so I don’t have a ton of prep and don’t want it to be cold if Kem gets stuck in traffic (making his nightmare 1+ hour commute even longer.)

After Kem gets home he goes and takes water to the big girls (the barn chickens) and feeds them then immediately starts in on one of the multiple projects while I cook dinner.

We are typically eating around 6 PM and then we work on projects until it gets dark. After it gets dark we may watch one of our favorite TV shows online or read for a while before we go to bed around 8:30 or 9 PM.


Yep that is a pretty typical day. =)


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