What a week!

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We gained another dog from someone that thought they could hide a miniature horse from their landlord apparently…. why, oh why? Anyway – Her name (not that she came to it – ever) was Karma. We think perhaps they said it like caramel, but she only responded to that sometimes. We decided she is an Amy (based on personality much like the Amy on “The Big Bang Theory”) and amazingly she responds well to it.

2014-09-15 20.27.43This is her favorite position… on my feet!

2014-09-13 23.01.49

2014-09-14 19.31.45-1 Amy with Max… that is her smiley face.

2014-09-14 21.15.48-1Amy and the boys.

OK; now to why I said what a week 🙂

Kem brought a Bobcat home and has made major progress.  The property had some serious terracing going on in places where it really didn’t need to be. We had copious amounts of dirt piled up from building the drainage ditch and reservoir – notice I called it neither a pond or lake 😉 (regulations, you know); so, 2 and 2 added up to let’s put the dirt where it can do the most good!  Now when I sit on the front deck I see a gently sloping hill to the pasture and barn areas rather than tricky to traverse terracing. Also most of the front fence line has been cleared (can I get an amen??); we will plant oats, field peas, vetch and rye for a winter cover crop to keep that soil where we want it though – and it will provide forage plants for the chickens along with a good start for goats/sheep once the fences are placed where we want them.

So we have gone from:

2014-09-07 19.48.05

to 2014-09-15 15.26.21-22014-09-15 20.16.302014-09-15 20.16.15  2014-09-15 20.15.47 2014-09-15 20.15.42 in a couple of days!  YAY!

Now for a chicken update: we got the 30 Auracana/Americanas in as expected and then this “cold snap” hits…. grrrr! But since they are in the house at night – we haven’t had time to do a brooder room in the barn, but it is on the list – they are doing well.  I have a couple of the older kids in with them for various reasons. One had vent issues and that is never good, but with 50 other chicks that is sure fire pick on me time… and the other had an eye that probably got pecked. S/he had it closed for about 24 hours and was in a kennel alone until s/he opened it.  Rather than put them with the big kids I opted to give them a break and leave them with the babies… they both love it!

2014-09-15 20.25.15

Here are the ‘big kids’

2014-09-15 20.24.07 2014-09-15 20.24.00

OH and I have started drop spinning to get the hang of drafting my roving. :^) I got the roving as part of a ‘kit’ with the spindle and took an experienced spinners advice and started with a top spindle.  I am really enjoying it and who knew fingers could be out of shape. Wow you work muscles in your hands/fingers that never get used!

The rovers are letting me know I have been here long enough, they want to go play in the dirt (dog door is not in yet)! So off for another adventure.


2 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. sounds like a barrel of fun…can I come down next month..I can help with something or other..
    Can Max and Meiling come too
    Do I need to bring my own tent?
    Merry Christmas, Joanie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am JUST seeing this! OF COURSE you can come! ANYTIME!! And no tent required…. If you think your kids will not be bowled over by the 80+ pound puppy they are welcome of course!


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