Homespun Hippy or Hardcore Coward?

Other folks words that I find inspiring

Does this sound familiar!

The Deeks Homestead


Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong. Caught in a no-man’s-land between contemporary consumerist values and traditional self-sustained living. I resent the implication that bigger is better and that I must buy…Buy..BUY! And while I have a deep respect for those who go fully off grid, the idea of doing that scares the bejesus out of me. So I am trapped in this strange place where I grow tomatoes, raise chickens, make my own lip balm… and run the air conditioner (judiciously) and drive an SUV (well… a fuel efficient cross-over vehicle). I feel like a coward for not cashing in and buying the cabin in the woods in my dreams- with a compost toilet, solar panels, and raising our own meat and crops. I feel like a hypocrite for bottling my lotions in a mason jar that was probably produced in a factory in China. I know that my…

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